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Typical Dane, single living with single mother. Open to new ideas and criticism, even abuses sometimes. Lives in sleepy Nordjylland town of Løgstør with a population of around 4000 Danish men and beautiful women, consist of old streets with small houses built in the 1800s for fishermen and sailors.

Seven Practical Steps to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety Attack

Anxiety takes many forms including guilt, envy, jealousy, shame and fundamentally any kind of worry. The problem with anxiety is that once is starts it is very difficult to stop. In fact, once we recognize that we are being tortured,…

Few suspected dietary migraine triggers

HOME DOCTOR Editor ALL POSTS According to a 2004 study, migraine headaches affect 12% of the adult population in the United States. Lack of food or sleep, exposure to light, anxiety, stress, fatigue, or hormonal irregularities (in women) can set…

Can cold packs ease migraine pain?

The word ” headache” doesn’t really do justice to a migraine. Migraines don’t just ache; they take over. Once the pain starts, it’s hard to think about anything else. Millions of migraineurs tackle their pain with prescription or over-the-counter drugs.…