The Concept…

DOCTOR IN MY HOME was founded on the simple principle that prompt, comprehensive medical knowledge delivered which fills an important gap missing in health care.

After just a few years, we became a leading supplier of comprehensive medical knowledge delivered in homes throughout Scandinavia. Under the guidance of its professional medical and management team, we thriving and innovative.

We have learned there is no better place to receive medical treatment than in the comfort and healing environment of one’s own home. Many physicians in private practice have overbooked schedules or don’t accept Medicare. This, coupled with a patient’s lack of transportation feeds the need for all the in-home services from DOCTOR IN MY HOME.

Well versed in technology and latest medicines and medical knowledge, our writers can effectively address most medical problems.  Our articles cover a wide range of treatments from setting minor broken bones to caring for chronic conditions, from flu symptoms to food poisoning. Equally important, Doctor in my home improves the quality of life for our patients.